Too Much Information!
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Too Much Information!

According to the best-seller author Alvin Toffler when we are exposed to a fast and irregularly changing situation our ability to make predictions decreases. Toffler seems to be describing the world we live in.

Monday morning, you wake up and read the newspaper or listen to the radio. News from all over the world are waiting for you, unexpected and rapidly changing news. You get to the office and a hundred e-mails are waiting for you. Probably from those e-mails only a dozen are relevant and require a reply. But to get to them, you need to read the remaining eighty eight e-mails. And that s just the beginning of your day.. this will continue through the day and even worse, all through out the week! And that s just your work e-mail, most of us also have at least one personal e-mail, a Facebook account, and maybe even a Twitter account. If you add your work phone and Blackberry or iPhone, you ll find that a good part of your day is about dealing with news.

According to scientists having to pay attention to so many things at the same time reduces our attention span. Our ability to make good decisions is affected because it is impossible to process so much information. Apparently information overload also disconnects us from the people that surround us.

Mitchell Kapor, Lotus founder, used a clear metaphor to describe our current challenge: ?Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant?.

So how do you cope with information overload? No one has found a silver bullet yet. But major software companies seem to think the solution is to let our software prioritize the information. In this way we?ll be protected from the meaningless information and this will allow us to pay more attention to the relevant and urgent issues.

Groobix unifies all your business information in one system.  Its different modules gather different aspects of your business, like communications and task assignments in one place, allowing you to focus in your business. If you want to learn more about Groobix, visit 

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